Blockchain Case Study Released

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Blockchain in Hyperledger: Better Than ETL?

In general terms, a blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger in a distributed network of participating peers. Its data includes a string of transaction records secured with cryptography. Benefits of blockchain can include decentralization, immutability, provenance, and finality.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies brought blockchain to the forefront of technology headlines, the technology underneath has true potential value for the enterprise outside of the cryptocurrency space. The features provided by blockchain technology can lead business benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, and lower risk. Seeing a technology actually applied reinforces understanding. It can also be a genesis for new ideas.

In this case study, we walk through a Hyperledger Fabric reference blockchain with a focus on showing the potential value for enterprise-level organizations.

We assume that you, as the reader, have a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology. If you do not, here is a link to our white paper on the topic.

The potential cost savings of blockchain is one of the benefits not really discussed as a whole. However, we at Keyhole believe it could be a significant feature benefit. The goal of this case study is to help reinforce this.

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