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Byzantine Tools is an open source initiative by the developers at KeyholeSofware.dev.

KeyholeSofware.dev is a think tank devoted to creating helpful, innovative software for other developers, both paid and open source. To add another layer, KeyholeSofware.dev is the product development side of Keyhole Software consulting.

Takeaway: The stellar developers at Keyhole are the brains of this operation.

About the Name

We're named after the Byzantine Generals Problem, a classic fault-tolerance challenge faced by any distributed computer system network.

The Byzantine Generals Problem is demonstrated in an allegory about dispersed generals in battle. All need to decide whether to attack or retreat as a unified force, but traitors are in their midst.

The problem is solved by blockchain technology.

About Blockchain

About Blockchain

A blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger in a distributed network of participating peers. Its data includes a string of transaction records secured with cryptography. Benefits of blockchain can include decentralization, immutability, provenance, and finality.

While cryptocurrencies brought blockchain to the forefront of technology headlines, the technology underneath has true potential value for the enterprise outside of the cryptocurrency space. The features provided by blockchain technology can lead business benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, and lower risk.


HYPERLEDGER Hyperledger is an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools with a number of frameworks for distributed ledgers underneath. It is a modular, pluggable blockchain framework supported by the Linux Foundation.

HYPERLEDGER FABRIC Hyperledger Fabric is the Hyperledger project used for our blockchain implementation. Hyperledger Fabric provides the infrastructure to implement “permissioned” blockchain networks with custom consensus mechanisms. The framework is written in Google’s Go language and is highly configurable.


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KeyholeSofware.dev is located in Lenexa, Kansas, just south of Kansas City.

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