Blockchain Browser Released

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Keyhole Labs is excited to announce the release of our new open source tool for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks: KHS Blockchain Browser.

The KHS Blockchain Browser allows users to browse blockchain data while providing real-time analytics of the transactions and executions. It also provides monitoring of new blocks being added to the network.

The application was built using React and Node.js. It is Apache 2.0 open-source licensed.

View GitHub Repository


Real-Time Blockchain Metrics

Tool Requirements

The current keystore has credentials for the Hyperledger example networks. You can access other networks by modifying the config.js.

Access The KHS Blockchain Browser

Interested in how it works? Visit the Github repository to access the code.

Don’t forget to watch a step by step video of the Blockchain Browser in action here.

Learning about Blockchain?

See Keyhole’s free white paper or our most recent example on Github: KHS Lab Results Blockchain.

The implementation is a Hyperledger blockchain network with chaincode that manages a ledger of Influenza tests. The chaincode implements functions to create and retrieve Influenza test results.

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